Tasmanian hotels celebrate 13 year high in occupancy rates for the hospitality industry

Tasmanian hotels celebrate 13 year high in occupancy rates for the hospitality industry

Hollywood moguls don’t get to choose which hotels will allow them to set up a cinema.

But Tasmanian hotels are in the business of choosing where and at what price they want to stay.

Hotels have just been awarded a huge seven-year concession to the hospitality industry, with all hotels getting an additional $20 million annually over the coming decade.

The seven-year pact will help to increase the occu예스 카지노 먹튀pancy of the hotel industry by 25 percent.

The Government-funded Queensland Hotel and Tourism Development Corporation’s (PHTRDC) agreement for accommodation has already raised $10 million dollars and is expected to create 250 permanent full-time jobs in hotels and restaurants this financial year.

Hotels will be able to compete in markets across Australia, such as London, which has seen an industry boom of more than 75 per cent over the last decade, with 10,000 hotels opening each year.

Premier Will Hodgman has promised that hotels will provide all Tasmanians with the highest standard of service.

«For decades, we have taken the position that our hotels are going to be the heart of the community, but the industry has been left with a significant deficit.

«We are determined to make real change and restore a standard of accommodation that Tasmanians have long demanded.

«This deal comes at a critical time for the industry and is designed to help make Tasmania a regional hub for the hospitality industry and bring in new business to the region.»

A spokeswoman for PHTRDC said the agreement would make hotels more competitive across Australia.

«We know the hotel industry needs to diversify its capital into new markets 카지노 영화such as the UK and the US as well as diversify its portfolio into new areas.»

The deal is part of the Government’s $100 million investment into the Australian hotel industry which has produced the Commonwealth and Queensland g나트랑 카지노overnment giving a boost of more than $70 million.

PHTRDC’s chief executive John O’Brien said the agreement meant Tasmanian industry leaders were on the verge of significant changes.

«We’ve got a great deal of support from the Commonwealth and Queensland governments and we are really excited about the progress we have made since last year.

«It means Tasmania has the strongest competitive hospitality sector in the world to provide all of our Tasmanians with outstanding services while attracting international talent and innovation to our community.»

Mr O’Brien said there was plenty of investment coming to Tasma